Call to Glory - Age of Sigmar at Cancon

Call to Glory

Hello All,

I recently caught up with the legend that is Clint Mallet, the TO who is running the Age of Sigmar event at Cancon this year called "Call to Glory"  Clint is a long time supporter of the hobby and is big in the domestic scene here is Aus.

They are aiming for around 100 contestants, if you haven't got your ticket, I wouldn't waste any time.  Its 5 rounds 2000 points, on the 27th and 28th January, and is being held at Exhibition Park, Mitchelle, ACT

. I asked him a few questions of things that people might want to know,

 Which Format will you be using?

GHB2017, its pretty much the rule set straight out the book, the only major exception is measuring to the bases.

Any Rules that players need to be aware of?

All warscrolls will be accepted (including Forgeworld), Allegiance abilities from Firestorm can not be used. All armies must be painted to a three coloured minimum, any unpainted minis will be removed from the table. Bases must be to correct size and on round bases. Squared bases must have be attached to round bases.  All attendees will be required to bring three pieces of painted Terrain for use on the tables while playing.

What got you into the Hobby?

Death all the way, I have loved all things Vampire Counts since the start of 6th Ed Warhammer Fantasy when I started playing and have loved them ever since!

What do you like about running events?

I enjoy running events because I get to meet lots of folks and watch loads of people really enjoy themselves playing Warhammer. Growing the AoS community is what I am all about!

For any more details needed please contact Clint on, you can find links for Call to Glory here:

FB Event -

Website -

Thanks Clint! It sounds like its going to be amazing, good luck with it all, I hope everyone attending has a blast!