Part 7 - The Eightfold Path ITC 40k Tournament


Recently I caught up with Dean "Sinny"' Sinnbeck to talk about his upcoming event Part 7 - The Eightfold Path an ITC 40k Tournament.

Its a 2000 point, 1 day Tournament, comprised of 3 games of 40k. The event is held at House of War, 52 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood, VIC. Registration will kick off at 1000, with games starting at 1030 on the 13th January 2018


I asked Sinny a few questions about the event:

What Format do you use?

The Eightfold Path uses standard Matched Play format from the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. There are no restrictions or modifications to worry about. We have no minimum paint requirement and allow Proxy and stand ins, however we do award points for presentation and have several hobby awards.

Anything different that players should be aware of?

The thing that sets The Eightfold Path apart from other events is it is a monthly series where every dollar from the entry fee goes into a pool which is divided amongst the 3 players who score the highest over the course of the series.

Can players still attend if they haven't been to previous events?

Yes! Each event is run fully self contained, you dont need to attend more than one! (Remeber each events still gets you ITC points!)

What got you personally into the Hobby?

I have been a fanatical World Eaters collector for 15 years, I have nearly 40 thousand points worth of Khorne daemons and marines. After years of gaming and attending events I have decided to take a step back and give back to the community by organizing regular events and helping players develop their skills and refine their lists.


World Eaters.jpeg

What do you like about running Events?

Watching our local META evolve and the players evolve with it is one of the most satisfying experiences i have been involved with in my years in the hobby

Its sounds like an awesome event! For any information please check out the follow links:

Players Pack (one of the best layouts I have ever seen!)…/Player%20Pack%20Part%207.pdf…

To register please email entry is $20, good luck, I hope you all have a blast!