Cancon 2018 40K ITC Tournament


Hello All,

I caught up with Chris Yates and Chris Moore, the awesome pair of gents that are running the 40k event at Cancon this year. They are running a huge 132 person event! At the time of me talking to them they had 129 paid! Making this one of the biggest events in Australia (which means lots of those sweet ITC points!) Its going form 26-28th January, with the brief and registration starting at 830, with eight rounds total (three games Friday and Saturday, with two on the Sunday)

I asked them both a few questions about themselves and their event:

Which Format will you be using?

40K, 8E, ITC, Champion Missions


Anything that the players need to be aware of in the players pack? (Style of missions, etc?)

Player Pack: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eBnql984GnLHeQty1LMOVM5P5mzYT-p5wZqHFHYuikM/edit

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/287094911778203/

Player Cap is 132, we currently have 129 Paid.
There are 18 Cancon 2018 Prizes, and 35 ITC Season Prizes (Top 3, Top 3 teams, Best in Faction).

Any modifications or rules that the players should be aware of? (banned minis, do armies need to be fully painted etc?)

There is a 32+ and over single model ban in place. Armies are required to be 3 colours minimum to be eligible for prize support.

What got you both into the Hobby?


Chris Yates:  The Fluff, plain and simple. Love the whole 40k universe and all the back stories associated with it. Horus heresy novels are great and set the tone nicely for the 40k universe present era. The hobby side of 40k is a massive part of why I play too and it currently makes up about 90% of my 40k time and painting has become a real passion for me through this hobby. Favorite army would be a tie between Grey Knights and Tzeentch Daemons
Chris Moore: My brother, I remember watching my brother paint his models and talking to him about 40k when I was growing up. I would read the Eldar codex and was just amazed at all the cool fluff in there. It was not till around 2 years ago that I started playing 40K though, the Nids lore caught me when getting back into it all and I ran with them. When GSC dropped though I was sold and have not looked back since. Once I found ITC though I really started to enjoy the game a lot more, gave games a lot more depth and you had to think more about what you were going to do each turn.

What do you like about running events?

Chris Yates: Seeing people get their ‘hobby’ on and show some real passion in their armies. Well painted armies, great terrain and great gaming. Nothing better than seeing 2 brilliantly painted armies facing off against each other in a gritty battle of wits with a good amount of sledging and Banta to go with it, all within the spirit of good gaming of course.
Chris Moore: Bringing people together, crazy insane games that get pulled out because of it. Having events run by level headed people.

Well it sounds like it is going to be an awesome event! I hope everyone who attends has a blast! To purchase a ticket please go here (but you better be quick!) https://www.festivaldirector.com.au/events/cancon

Any further information you can contact Chris or Chris through the Facebook page, good luck with the event fellas!