Blackout FLG Aus First 30k Event!!!


Hello All!

Ranto here from FLG Aus, just came back from out first ever Australian 30k Doubles Event! It was a blast! We had three games over the day, with some very pretty armies!


It was a Swiss style event with players playing on all tables built and made by Frontlinegaming Australia, all with FLG Mats and ITC Terrain, with our own special touches like the Robot City table fully lit up!


First place changed with every game there was and was an epic duel between the Loyalist of the Emperor and the Traitors of the Warmaster! But to be fair the loyalists had some great players (and some with a lot of luck!)


The final was between the Loyalists Rohan with his White Scars paired with Spud Carroll and his mighty Space Wolves playing Paul with the Sons of Horus and Samuel and his Dark Mechcanicum for the warmaster!

They had an epic finish with the Space Wolves cleaning up with Spuds mighty Grey Slayers getting the MVP for the game, even though Rohans Leviathan took out almost every vehicle on the Warmasters side! It was an epic finish and a really close one! But the Emperors finest prevailed! 


It was a great event! All round, with the final results as following:

Winners were Rohan, White Scars paired with Spud Carroll, Space Wolves, taking home a FLG Mat each! Spud generously donated his to a local gaming club! (what a legend!)

Second was Paul with his Sons of Horus and Samuel and his Dark Mechcanicum. winning two pieces of ITC Terrain each.

Third was Mike and his Ultra Marines and Jack with the mighty Solar Auxilia who walked away with a set of ITC Urban Barricades and Containers

TOs choice Paint award was Paul and his Sons of Horus who walked away with a ITC Shield Generator!

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a blast, we hope to see you next time!!


The legendary Spud enjoying a drink after his Victory!

Spud WInner!.jpg