BrisVegas Open Matched Play Event

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Hello All,

I caught up with the legend known as Dave, the TO running the BrisVegas Open AOS Event, which is being held on 28th and 29th of April, at the Brisbane Table Tennis Center, in Windsor.  and asked him a few questions about his event. $50 per player, registration you can find here:

or to speak to Dave directly email him at

I asked him a few questions about his event:

What format do you use?

The format used is Generals Handbook 2017 2K Matched play


Is there anything in the players pack that people need to be aware of?

Missions are standard however there are secret minor objectives I have added. This lets each player pick one of the secret objectives at the start of each game that they will try and fulfil. Each mission can only be chosen once over the tournament, so consideration has to be made on which mission to pick based on your opponents list. 

I am hoping that this separates out the scores as AoS has a very black and white win/loss. It also adds some decision making past what everyone has been playing for 9 months.

You can find the players pack here:

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Any modifications or rules that players need to be aware of? (banned minis, do armies need o be fully painted, etc?)

Armies are required to be fully painted, I believe it is unfair for someone to spend the time and effort to paint their army then have to play against the sprue grey legions. 

Every player is required to bring 3 pieces of terrain. The players then take these around with them and alternate setting up this extra terrain before the roll for table sides. This creates a nice little mini game before hand. This requirement has become a standard now in Aus Aos, it takes a lot of pressure off the TO to supply 6 extra bits of terrain per table and means that the players themselves set the standard for the terrain they play on. 

(I place 3-4 pieces of tournament supplied terrain on each table that cannot be moved, then players will place 6, giving 9-10 bits of terrain per table.).

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What got you into the hobby?

I was walking past a GW and went in to check it out, i got a few things that turned into a few more (GF at the time was not chuffed). I initially started as a painter and then started going to 40k events to try and win best painted. I was fairly successful winning a few players choices, I then decided one event to think about my turns and placement etc, and ended up coming 2nd at a 50 player event. I'm a fairly competitive person so this got the juices flowing. Since then I've been a pretty competitive player in the scene and I've been successful at it winning multiple events across 40k and AoS. 

I currently only play AoS and won the recent Aus Masters and 2nd at Cancon

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What do you like about running the events?

This will be the first event that I run, I've off-sided some smaller ones but never had to do all the planning and organising that goes along with the actual event. I put my hand up to run this event to give back to the community in a way. I'd love to be playing in it but I think it will have its own rewards in running a successful event that everyone enjoys. I love the game and the AoS community is hands down the best gaming community I've been a part of. 


Well it sounds like its going to be a blast! Good luck with the Event!