Briscon ITC 40k Tournament


Hello All,

I recently caught up with Isy, who is running the 40l ITC Briscon Event to ask him a few questions about his up coming event.  It will be on the 28th and 29th April, 5 round event (3 on Sat, 2 on Sun)  tickets are $60, being held at Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, Windsor. To register please look here:


or for any questions please email the team at orders@frontlinegaming.org

I asked Isy a few questions about the event, to see what was going on



What Format do you use?

We use the ITC Champions Mission Pack, and the best coast pairings app. We find that this makes for a more balanced game, I find that that the person who goes first has a bit of an advantage, so the Champ missions brings this into balance. We also love the BCP App, it really helps both TO's and Players at the event.

Players Pack here:


We will be using the BCP (Best Coast Pairings App) Please download the App, create an account and register for our event. After registering for the event, click “player details” in the app, and submit your list when ready. List submissions  are due by 11:59pm on Friday 20th April 2018. Please note that this will make your list visible to both the TO’s and other players–this is the intention here. Your major faction is the faction keyword of the largest detachment in your army. For example, if I have a 200pt Death Guard detachment, a 1100pt Emperor’s Children detachment and a 700pt Black Legion detachment, my major faction is <Emperor’s Children> in my <Chaos> army. To register for BCP please go here: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/



Any modifications or rules that players need to be aware of? (banned minis, do armies need o be fully painted, etc?)

There are a few things to make note of,  The FAQ’s that will be used are:-Official GW FAQ’s for the Rulebook, Latest Chapter Approved and Codexes as of a month before the tournament. Players will go through the following for any rules questions:

1. Players are to consult the Rulebook before doing anything else.

2. If the answer cannot be found in there then check the FAQ’s listed above.

3. Players discuss the issue rationally in an attempt to solve the issue.

4. If all else fail, call the TO over who will adjudicate, who’s decision is final.

Sapce wolf.jpeg

Painting and Modelling:

•All models in your army must be painted to a 3 colour minimum and based. Primer counts as a colour. Skimmer Bases do not need to be based to count as based. Any models that are not painted and based will be removed from play. (This is up to the TO’s discretion whether it is appropriately 3 Colours or not, if in doubt please check)

•Proxy/Counts As models are allowed using the “rule of cool” if you are unsure about the model please contact us on orders.au@frontlinegaming .org, or via our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/FLG-Australia-Events-360279807774734/ and get it checked.

If your model is deemed as not as it should be it will be pulled off the table, so please double check.

•There will be a TO choice paint score, that will be decided over the course of the two days


Sportsmanship is handled with a Thumb’s Up, Thumbs Down format. We default games to a Thumbs Up from both players. If your opponent was acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, which we define as being verbally abusive, physically aggressive, or knowingly cheated on a rule, you are free to give him or her a Thumbs Down on sports. This rule does not exist to express displeasure in a game because you didn’t like your opponent, your opponent’s army, or you had rules debates, etc. A player that receives two or more Thumbs Down on Sportsmanship will be met with administrative action up to and including ejection from the event with no refund of the ticket cost.

40k stuff.jpeg


What got you into the hobby? (favorite army, gaming system progression, etc)

I started way back in 2nd Ed (showing my age there) with Chaos Space Marines, fell in love with the hobby and got fairly competitive. I have always love Warhammer Fantasy, and still play to this day! I drifted away from 40k over 6th and 7th Ed and really got into 30k, but 8th is brought me right back! Today I am playing Ad Mech and Imperial Guard, I have always loved the fluff behind them and the fact that you are rewarded in 8th for keeping it fluffy (and the armies are great!), its really amazing!

Elar stuff.jpeg

What do you like about running the events?

I have run quite a few events in my time, its a great to get a group of people together who love the hobby. We really want to set the standard in having fun at a event, still competitive but with beautiful armies playing on beautiful tables. We have found that the 40k Tourney scene in Qld has been a bit on the decline and we want to work with other TO's in the area, to build the scene here. We love to run events we would like to play in!


Well it sounds like its going to be a blast! Good luck with the event, I hope that you have a great day!



Lords of War 2 2018

World Eaters.jpeg

I recently caught up with Patrick, the TO who is running Lords of War 2 2018, a one day, four round event at The Pinkenba Hotel, 144 Eagle Farm Road in Pinkenba, on the 26th May 2018 The cost is $40 per player, but if two pay at once its only $60. The first game is at 800. He is also running the event with Josh Mcgowan and Dave Flemming.

 I asked Patrick a few question about his event:

Sapce wolf.jpeg

What Format do you use?(anything the players need to be aware of, style of missions etc)

We use ITC for rankings cause alot of players prefer for it to be ranked as well as using Diffs AUS rankings for players to see where they are at locally. We made the event missions different. We utilized modified rulebook missions to reward players moving and being more engaging.(rather than pure gun line that just camps and shoots across the table). My design was to reward more balanced type armies than extreme builds and the missions helped in that sense. It was 2 basic marine armies that ended up winning the event in the end. I would though modify the missions slightly if i could do a redo.

Players Pack can be found here:



Any modifications or rules that players need to be aware of? (banned minis, do armies need o be fully painted, etc?)

The big one is no forge world.  As far as painted armies go you don't have to but it will hurt your overall score in the painting criteria of the event.

In the past events i have run, there has been negative enforcers for late submissions and we are moving on from that so if you have your payment and list submitted by the 13/5/18 you will receive 5 bonus points to your overall. If everyone does the same then no one is at an advantage at the end of the day but those that want to leave everything last minute will only hurt themselves.

Refunds, there will be none after the 18/5/18 because by this time all money from entry fees will already be sent off to our sponsors for prize support.

Painting , Sports and battle

Painting will  be out of 29pts

Sports will be 5 points with 5 potential favorite player votes being added.

Battle will be out of 20 for each round 12pts for the primary, 4 points for secondary and 2xspts for chosen tertiary objectives.  This style of event is to reward generalship, this is why you as the player can pick your secondary and tertiary mission to suit your style of list or help you against a particular adversary.

See the Players Pack for a more in depth explanation.

What got you into the hobby? (favorite army, gaming system progression, etc)

What got me here was the overall immersion of the game. The history the minis and the game itself. Kind of everything. Like how rewarding it was to run a nicely painted army on some good tabletops against another player. Its more social game compared to PC or Console gaming and I liked that. It rewarded effort


What do you like about running the events?

I noticed  that there was a decline in the 40k Scene in Qld, so I felt I needed to step up and start running events so I created Gauntlet. After a few other regular tournaments started up I felt it was time to step back and enjoy them as a player. I have seen the scene having a lot of interest, since 8th Ed, so I decided to start running events again.


Elar stuff.jpeg

It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun! I wish you luck and hope everyone going has a blast!


Jolt Games – Warhammer 40K Competitive ITC Tournaments


Hello All,

I recently  caught up with Scott from Jolt games, who is running their ITC 40k Events! The events will be on the third Saturday of every second month, with the first date on the 17th March. It will be $25 entry, three round, one day events starting at 1000, and finishing at 1900. It will be a great event to build up some ITC points!



I asked Scott a few questions about the event:

What Format do you use?

The format that will be used for the 5 tournaments over 2018 will be following the 2018 ITC Format as close as possible, whilst also adapting it if necessary to suit better for the local ACT 40K scene.

Player pack can be found here,


SW vs Eldar.jpeg

Anything that players need to be aware of? (Modifications, rule changes, banned minis, do they need to be painted?)

The main things that players will need to know is the following:
As close to the 2018 ITC Format as possible, which is currently unannounced.
2000 Point, Match Play Army Lists
The Champion Mission Pack

Going off the ITC 2017 Format however, we are not allowing any Proxy/Counts As Models and for players to be eligible for any prize support, they must have a fully painted army to a tournament standard, which is 3 Colours and Based.

Also all players must bring:

Bring your Codexes and Latest Chapter Approved (either digital or physical copies) A copy of this Player’s Pack, Your Army and Rulebook GW FAQ’s, Notepad and Pen/Pencil, 4 Computer printed copies of your army list., Dice, tape measure and three 40mm Objectives numbered 1,2,3.


What got you into the Hobby?

What really got me into the hobby was one of my close mates when I was growing up got into playing the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game when I was about 10, at that point I had already seen all 3 films and was super keen to play a game based in that setting. Then after a few years, I started to play 40K when 5th Edition of the game dropped. I enjoyed hanging out with the guys at the local store, playing casual games and over time, I got into play tournaments when I first moved to Canberra in 2014 and 7th Edition dropped, ran my first ITC event in October 2015 and the rest is history really.



Why do you like running events?

The reason that I started to run events was because a lot of the previous organisers had stepped back within the ACT, and so I actually choose to step up and start running events, not just at Jolt Games, which is my local store and now my workplace, but also the larger events like the Wintercon and Cancon conventions. I have the belief that it is worth making sacrifices in terms of personal time, finances and the ability to play in tournaments, so that members of the 40K community would be able to have tournaments to attend and play in in the ACT that are run in a profession, transparent, honest and accountable manner for the benefit the community. I firmly believe that the more effort, time, energy and even finances that you put into growing the community, the community will grow to be a healthy, vibrant and welcoming place for people to be a part of, which is what I desire and see the 40K community in the ACT to be for the most part.

Whats your favorite 40k army?

My favourite 40K army is generic Space Marines, no specific chapter I just really enjoy how flexible they are and being a real 'jack of all trades' faction in the game whilst not being amazing in any one area. It allows me as a player to focus on not just writing effective army lists but also playing the army in an effective and tactical manner.



Well Scott it sounds like your events are going to be awesome! I hope everyone going has a blast! For any further information please see Jolt Games facebook page, or email Scott on scott@joltgames.com.



Cancon 2018 40K ITC Tournament


Hello All,

I caught up with Chris Yates and Chris Moore, the awesome pair of gents that are running the 40k event at Cancon this year. They are running a huge 132 person event! At the time of me talking to them they had 129 paid! Making this one of the biggest events in Australia (which means lots of those sweet ITC points!) Its going form 26-28th January, with the brief and registration starting at 830, with eight rounds total (three games Friday and Saturday, with two on the Sunday)

I asked them both a few questions about themselves and their event:

Which Format will you be using?

40K, 8E, ITC, Champion Missions


Anything that the players need to be aware of in the players pack? (Style of missions, etc?)

Player Pack: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eBnql984GnLHeQty1LMOVM5P5mzYT-p5wZqHFHYuikM/edit

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/287094911778203/

Player Cap is 132, we currently have 129 Paid.
There are 18 Cancon 2018 Prizes, and 35 ITC Season Prizes (Top 3, Top 3 teams, Best in Faction).

Any modifications or rules that the players should be aware of? (banned minis, do armies need to be fully painted etc?)

There is a 32+ and over single model ban in place. Armies are required to be 3 colours minimum to be eligible for prize support.

What got you both into the Hobby?


Chris Yates:  The Fluff, plain and simple. Love the whole 40k universe and all the back stories associated with it. Horus heresy novels are great and set the tone nicely for the 40k universe present era. The hobby side of 40k is a massive part of why I play too and it currently makes up about 90% of my 40k time and painting has become a real passion for me through this hobby. Favorite army would be a tie between Grey Knights and Tzeentch Daemons
Chris Moore: My brother, I remember watching my brother paint his models and talking to him about 40k when I was growing up. I would read the Eldar codex and was just amazed at all the cool fluff in there. It was not till around 2 years ago that I started playing 40K though, the Nids lore caught me when getting back into it all and I ran with them. When GSC dropped though I was sold and have not looked back since. Once I found ITC though I really started to enjoy the game a lot more, gave games a lot more depth and you had to think more about what you were going to do each turn.

What do you like about running events?

Chris Yates: Seeing people get their ‘hobby’ on and show some real passion in their armies. Well painted armies, great terrain and great gaming. Nothing better than seeing 2 brilliantly painted armies facing off against each other in a gritty battle of wits with a good amount of sledging and Banta to go with it, all within the spirit of good gaming of course.
Chris Moore: Bringing people together, crazy insane games that get pulled out because of it. Having events run by level headed people.

Well it sounds like it is going to be an awesome event! I hope everyone who attends has a blast! To purchase a ticket please go here (but you better be quick!) https://www.festivaldirector.com.au/events/cancon

Any further information you can contact Chris or Chris through the Facebook page, good luck with the event fellas!