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ITC Terrain Series: Robot City Complete Set

300.00 348.00

MSRP of $348.00 if each item were purchased separately. This bundle saves you $48!

The ITC Terrain Series is an affordable line of terrain designed specifically for functionality and compatibility with our popular FLG Mat series of gaming mats.

The Complete Robot City set comes with:

  • 1 Large Obelisk.
  • 1 Medium Obelisk.
  • 1 Small Obelisk.
  • 1 Generator Set (2 Generator Models)
  • 1 Barrier Set (6 Barrier Models)
  • 1 Pantheon.
  • 1 Mausoleum.
  • 1 Sanctum.
  • 1 Reliquary.
  • 1 Robot City FLG Mat in your choice of color.

All ITC Terrain Kits comes unassembled, and unpainted. 

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Green Full Terrain RC.jpg
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